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September 6, 2016
Is Flow really flowing?

Editor: Is FLOW really flowing? This seems an interesting question. The company FLOW, which offers services in both cell phones and landlines and also in Internet and cable television, really needs competition.

This company has been doing well since their business includes the above mentioned. Is FLOW really flowing, when as a customer you make a complaint about one of its services and have to wait over 48 hours to have it dealt with, despite their policy that you wait for at least 48 hours before service is dealt with?{{more}} Is FLOW really flowing when as a customer you have to suffer inconvenience for days without any apology or compensation? A good competition would surely cause FLOW to flow.

When entering the office to make a complaint, you are told to talk to an agent, who then records your name and then you’re called; this is indeed a good method and can be flowing quickly. I truly commend them for that. However, I recommend an intercom to aid in this process, since persons can be there present and not hear their names. Take for example, when the place is very crowded and the poor agents have to get up from their seats and call out loudly to the next person who ought to receive attendance. A good intercom calling the names would greatly improve the service.

Trying to call the office can be a pain, for there are so much things you have to press and still sometimes you are still not successful. Indeed, this is not flowing as the name FLOW suggests.

I do hope that FLOW would seek to flow and not stick. They are indeed the only company with all those services. Therefore, they ought to flow, or is it that they are taking us for granted?

Kennard King