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June 7, 2016
Can SVG afford to hold fresh elections again so quickly?

Editor: There has been political tension in St Vincent and the Grenadines since 2001 and something needs to be done by those in authority to get rid of this tension. Dr Gonsalves, at the ULP convention, indicated that there may be fresh elections in the near future. I am supporting Dr Gonsalves’ thoughts about calling elections before 2020. Why? Simply because St Vincent and the Grenadines is dealing with numerous political wounds and Dr Gonsalves is in a position to make a difference; so, I’m hoping he would call fresh elections soon. The question most Vincentians are asking, is the ULP ready? My opinion is that they are ready.{{more}}

Evidence is clear that they are preparing for possible fresh elections before 2020. Could this country afford elections before they are scheduled? Yes, it’s the only way this country can heal from the political wounds from which it is suffering. Dr Gonsalves said he’s not afraid of elections. “Please, Sir, call fresh elections, this country really needs it.” This political tension is destroying our blessed country. Questions Vincentians are asking themselves: Is it fair to blame Dr Gonsalves for what is happening to our blessed country? Would Vincentians turn out to cast their votes if fresh elections are called?

Will a new mandate help the political tensions? These questions must be answered and I’m of the view that fresh elections would provide the answers Vincentians are searching for.

Everywhere one goes in St Vincent and the Grenadines, people are searching, hoping and wondering how to solve the political tension and problems in our country. Should we look towards for the NDP to solve our political problem? The question is are they ready? Sometimes, I wonder if the NDP is hoping to win by default; if so, they are truly wasting time because Dr Gonsalves won’t lie down and play dead. All we are hearing from the NDP is “Give us a chance, we will do better.” Vincentians aren’t convinced that they would do any better; so when Dr Gonsalves decides to call the fresh elections we would find ourselves with the same results – ULP.

Some ideas for the NDP if they are to stand any chance of ever winning:

First remove Mr Eustace as the leader of the party and replace him with St Clair Leacock; find a replacement for Lauren Baptiste – he told me that he was finished with the NDP because Mr Eustace has no respect for him. Dr Linton Lewis is a goner; some are saying Andrew Simmons, but after listening to him, he is too late and it appears that he is obsessed with the Gonsalves.

Patel Mathews, after winning by only 12 votes, should be replaced as a precaution. He is uninspiring and shows no interest. Nigel Stephenson has not shown any level of improvement over the 10 years he’s been involved in politics. It’s clear that he is to be replaced, because Mr Grenville Williams would beat him.

Senator Barnwell is a good choice to replace Bash, but ULP’s Caesar and Walters would make it very difficult to win in Central Winward.

Mr Ben Exeter doesn’t show any sort of quality and he must be replaced if the NDP is to stand any chance of winning the Central Leeward seat. While Dr Jules Ferdinand is a quality person, I was disappointed that he didn’t win his seat, so I’m replacing him with Dr Martin. Remove Mr Igal Adams; replace him with Ms Amor Lashley on the New Times programme.

Collin Graham should also replace Nick Francis on the NDP late night programme. Those are my changes; let’s hope others share my opinion.

As a supporter of the NDP, I am hoping that the NDP would win the next general elections, whenever it’s called; but based on what they are offering, I think Dr Gonsalves and the ULP would stand a better chance of winning.

Vincentians expect so much more from the NDP in terms of representation, but we are being short-changed because they aren’t attending Parliament. Some Vincentians think the reason why the NDP is losing is because of their leadership, but I don’t share that opinion. Numerous Vincentians are of a different opinion. Some are saying the reason why they not voting for the NDP is because Mr Eustace isn’t a good leader and he can’t lead a country because he can’t manage his party. Can we say that is true? Vincentians need to do some thinking. So, I’m asking Vincentians to put their country first, if in fact, elections are called. “Do the right thing.” I gone!

Kingsley De Freitas