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April 15, 2016
Salute to our West Indies champs

EDITOR: Please permit a space in your column for me to express my views about the West Indies men, women and under-19 cricket teams.

I am extending my sincere congratulation to the West Indies men, women and under-19 cricket teams for their recent success in the World Cup cricket events when each cricket team actually won convincingly in the finals.{{more}} The great achievement by all three cricket teams should gradually help to restore again great confidence in the West Indian fans towards the sport, after a lot of them were fading away, due to the lack of interest and the embarrassing defeats the men’s cricket team basically suffered recently and over the years.

The West Indies Cricket Board, however, really needs to step up to the plate and focus more on all three cricket teams, and the development of much better cricket in the region. With more total dedication by the West Indies Cricket Board, all West Indian cricket fans are going to enjoy a lot more great achievements in the future.

Everton Mercury