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March 18, 2016
Time for NDP protesters to stop

Editor: Please permit a space in your column to express my views about the continuation of New Democratic Party protests over the December 9, 2015 election results.{{more}}

I am completely devastated about the continuation of the protests, because we are living in a modern day society where the educational standards of people are supposedly of a much higher calibre, but some people in St Vincent are still showing the indication of Stone Age mentality by displaying so much ignorance at political events.

In Jamaica, the results of their election was the same – by a one-seat margin, but the defeated party actually acknowledged defeat without any petition or protest; so why in St Vincent the same occurrences did not happen? It was simply because of our ignorance and declining mentality in politics.

The New Democratic Party must put an end to the protests, because what the party members are doing is wrong and their leader should get in the act of stopping the complete mayhem. The present government must continue to do the good work that they are currently doing, so that St Vincent and the Grenadines basically remains a comfortable place to live.

Everton Mercury