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January 8, 2016
I missed the lights on the hill, but there’s always hope at Christmas

Editor: Could somebody please tell me, why ah feel something missing last Christmas? I decided to go Nine Mornings four days before Christmas Day and I also went the last morning to enjoy the celebration.

I enjoyed being showered by the rain and was able to earn a few dollars by the sale of items on the market. I got the back pay, which came just in time to buy a new CV Joint and pay the mechanic for his service. It never seems to amaze me how things sometimes work out. Only God knows and his ways are always the best way, no matter how dismal life may seem. I am forever grateful.

I got up, bathed my skin, and got the children ready to hear the carols and take in some of the Nine Mornings celebration at Heritage Square in we Vincy land. I was hoping they could get a chance to take part in the activities, so they can at least earn a prize for their efforts. I enjoyed it all that morning – hearing the jokes, the adults and children at the top of their voices shouting “It’s Nine Mornings”, the competitive games, Vita Malt special, the talents by adults and children, the lovely voices of our Vincentian men and women, boys and girls, the welcoming of returning nationals and visitors to our shores and not forgetting those who sang out of tune and even received a prize for just participating. Even a young man who we were told had a special need was able to sing lustily the song “Oh Holy Night” in the wee hours of the morning.

Tribute in song was also made in remembrance of Mr Ash, who would often light up his house in Lowmans Leeward for all of Vincentians to come and enjoy. One of my children’s favourite at the late Mr Kenneth Ash’s residence was the lighted wishing-well, where the coins looked like silver fish, as if they were taking a peaceful rest at the bottom of the fountain; but what really delighted me was the faces of the children, as if Santa Claus had come to Lowmans to see if they were bad or good boys and girls that special night.

But even though I enjoyed the Nine Mornings activities, I somewhat felt not in the mood, so I did some personal errands and decided to leave Kingstown by taking a detour, up to Town Hill, where I saw a man standing where the lights were usually decorated around the Christmas time of the year. I slowed down a bit then shouted from the moving vehicle with the words “They not putting up any lights this year?” Only to hear after I passed, my son saying to me: “Mummy, he said no by waving his hands.” I then continued driving, turning out from the gap to drive up to Sion Hill and I felt saddened to observe that no one was there putting up any lights either to bring the hill alive, as is usual. All I observed was the remaining markings, which looked like a carpet stained with the colours of red and gold. Even the walls were decorated with the very same markings.

The thought of hoping to see Sion Hill lit up at Christmas time brings to my mind that hope should always be in each our hearts at Christmas, for even though there weren’t any Christmas lights on the hill as we expected, we must always remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

A little baby came in the quiet of the night, born to a Virgin Mary, with the intention of changing the lives of men and women, boys and girls, bringing a ray of hope as it lightens up our hearts. The light of Jesus can shine in our hearts if only we reach out not to touch, but to taste and see that the goodness of God can lead us to Salvation, because Jesus indeed is the light of the world. In John 8: 12, Jesus spoke “I am the light of the world. Whosoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” The songwriter Phillip Bliss explained these words in his song – The whole world was lost in the darkness of sin, the light of the world is Jesus! Like sunshine at noonday, His glory shone in; the light of the world is Jesus! I hope most of us found peace and joy in our hearts last Christmas season to forgive each other, because the campaigns leading up to the 2015 general election in Vincyland were very distasteful.

A new year has dawned and we should thank God for giving us another year being alive and those of us who are in our right minds should show a heart of gratitude to God for his extended mercies and desire to live for him and serve him with all our hearts. I would like to extend a blessed New Year to each and every Vincentian, as we make this year a very peaceful 2016. Public servants, I encourage you to do your work diligently and strive for excellence in everything that you seek to accomplish in life.


From Yvette Gittens, with love