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December 29, 2015
NDP outdone in all departments by ULP

Editor: I’m disappointed that the NDP was unsuccessful in winning the December 9 General Elections, but I’m not surprised that the ULP was successful.

The ULP campaign was very well organized and managed diligently; the NDP was out-done in all departments of campaigning, especially leadership. Dr Gonsalves took on the campaign with an understanding of leadership; the NDP did not offer as much in the aspects of leadership.{{more}}

Should Vincentians blame Mr Eustace for the loss? Persons like Dougie deFreitas, Bert Francois, Patches Knights, Ayodele, Gypsy and Nick Francis all failed to impress Vincentians with reasons why they should have voted for the NDP. They were a waste of time and their jobs were incomplete. I’m wondering what persons like Bassy Alexander, Mr Crichton, Mr Bowman, Dr John, Mr Horne and Cleve Lewis think about Vincentians because they made a choice to vote for the ULP?

Many ask why? Why did the ULP defeat the NDP in the general elections? Is it because of a lack of leadership, the lack of politics, or is it that Vincentians don’t think that the NDP is ready. Numerous NDP supporters are claiming that the elections were unfair and unjust, but I beg to differ.

The NDP was outdone and that is why they lost the elections. Vincentians have spoken and the NDP should accept it and build their party for the future.

Camillo came and did what Dr Lewis could not do – “win”!

The Prime Minister has a great understanding of the people; he knew that Sir Louis Straker had to make a return to the political arena. I must commend all the candidates on the Windward side; they held their own.

Some may ask why I endorsed the NDP. It’s simple; it’s because having one man as Prime Minister for 15 years is enough. Complacency gets the better of one who has been Prime Minister for so many years. This is where Dr Gonsalves would have to prove me wrong by being a good leader and he must put the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines first.

It’s not about paving the way for your son to become the Prime Minister. When I heard that Camillo was concentrating on being a candidate, I asked him why. He answered me by saying “A young man who joins the police force will always aspire to gain the position of Commissioner.”

I think that speaks for itself.

Dr Gonsalves spoke about a transition in his party, but we all know the transition is father to son. I hope the transition period in the ULP would have transparency.

Let me congratulate the ULP on winning the December 9 General Elections held in St Vincent and the Grenadines, 2015.

To Dr Gonsalves, congratulations on your fourth term of victory.

I truly hope that you would lead us to prosperity in the future. I also hope that the appointment of Mr Jomo Thomas as senator would lead us in the right direction. I pray for all the elected parliamentarians. I wish them all the best.

Lead us forward; we are ready for success.

Kingsley DeFreitas