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December 22, 2015
An unrecognized evil: Radio talk shows

Editor: Please give me the opportunity to express my opinion on what I am convinced is a growing, clandestine evil in our country – the proliferation of radio talk shows. Sometimes, against my will, I am held ransom to the venom and nonsensical views expressed on some radio stations, both by educated and uneducated Vincentians, Christian and non-Christian Vincentians, old and young Vincentians, all classes of Vincentians, as a result of different political preferences.{{more}} Radio talk shows, as we know them to be today, are dangerous and a threat to our democracy, as they promote division, disrespect, immorality, intolerance, hatred, inability to think critically and independently, gullibility, laziness and other unwanted vices and characteristics among our Vincentian people, both here and in the diaspora. To me, it is frightening that the only information some people obtain is that from their particular radio talk show, which they swallow hook, line and sinker and then dare to use that argumentatively. Incredible and sad!

I am sometimes appalled and sickened to hear the lewdness of some of the hosts of these talk shows, who are sometimes ‘disc jockeys turned radio announcers,’ perpetrating some of the vices previously mentioned and which salaciously and deceptively penetrate the air waves, causing havoc in our country. Do we understand that words are spiritual? The varying responses of callers sometimes are equally ludicrous or often surpass the ignorance and wickedness of their hosts. Gosh, should I mention those radio stations like the privately owned NICE Radio, which partly promotes the perspective and propaganda of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and STAR Radio which was clearly established as the propaganda machinery of the Unity Labour Party (ULP)? These radio stations and others with similar programmes undoubtedly contribute to the vices aforementioned, because their listeners only have ears for the ‘information’ they hear on their station. Radio stations like NICE Radio and others who devote part of their programming to political parties or political views, I suggest, reconsider this decision. Not even censorship of such programmes will work in our present cultural climate. I suggest preventing totally the airing of such programmes and views on air, as difficult as it might be. STAR Radio should be off air completely.

I welcome programmes like “Hitz Talk”, and any such programmes where relevant issues are discussed and which serve to EDUCATE, not malign, slander, deceive, bewitch, and manipulate the populace. I call on our politicians, one of the most wicked groups of persons in our country by virtue of the way they use the air-waves and other avenues to manipulate the minds of the unsuspecting, to embrace this challenge for the LOVE of our country. I know that political views can be expressed in other media, but since it is easiest to access ‘information’ and create ‘information’ through radio, let’s punish ourselves for our own good. This will coercively teach Vincentians to read and become independent and critical thinkers and send a strong message to indecent and self-serving politicians that we are to be respected.

Thanks to Praise FM and Jem Radio, Christian stations which are a tower of strength. I mostly listen to these stations, though not gullibly, and believe me, I am more informed of the happenings in my country than those who religiously desecrate their minds with garbage from the lone radio station they choose to listen to. Other radio stations which devote part of their programming to uplifting the lives of our populace, not necessarily with religious programming, must be commended.

There are newspapers, blogs and other media, which too can be viewed as propagandist tools, but it takes a disciplined mind to obtain ‘information’ from these sources. Don’t forget the Bible! Its teachings encompass every area of life, even national politics. In fact, I have known persons who became literate after they started reading the Bible – the unadulterated Word of God. I am aware of the educational limitations of far too many of my Vincentian brothers and sisters,­­­­ but I am sure they will eventually eat the meal provided, as hunger pangs become overwhelming. Let us get rid of radio talk shows which especially promote national political views, thereby contributing to the death of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Shermin Pierre-Warrican

([email protected])