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December 18, 2015
New Democratic Party needs a new leader

Editor: Please permit space in your column to express my views about the New Democratic Party and their current leader.

The New Democratic Party should get together to select a new leader if they really wanted to succeed in any election victory. The current leader, Mr Arnhim Eustace, is not getting the party in any direction and he must step aside, and as a citizen of this lovely island, I am absolutely tired of him being at the helm of the party.{{more}} I really do not know why the other members of the party are not noticing the lack of good leadership and the constant problem of not having the capability to win an election must be very devastating to everyone in the party. The New Democratic Party should get together to decide for a new genuine leader, and then definitely check out some other vital alternatives that might eventually help them to an election victory someday.

Everton Mercury