Our Readers' Opinions
December 18, 2015
DRP says thanks!

The Democratic Republican Party (DRP) wishes to thank the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines, especially those who voted for our candidates in the recently concluded general elections. We therefore thank, in a special way, the constituents of North Windward, North Central Windward, East St George, West St George, East Kingstown and South Leeward where we fielded candidates.{{more}}

Congratulations to our candidates George Byron, Haran Grant, Calvert Baptiste, Karima Parris and Wendel Parris who, together with me, displayed courage, conviction and talent in fighting a good fight and running this elections race of December 9, 2015. History records that you were not afraid and you have ran well. Hats off to you all!

We are satisfied and grateful for the people’s help in allowing us to make the good showing we did in our first elections, after only three years of existence of our DRP. Our performance was historical in more than one ways, in third party history. We operated under a lot of financial and other constraints and challenges, including absence of level playing field in the treatment of 3rd parties. Nevertheless, we were courageous enough to stand for the noble principles of Republicanism – emphasizing protection of the inalienable rights and freedoms of All. Additionally, half of our candidate slate entered the race just about three weeks before the elections and yet we all received votes amounting to 154 in total. We stood in these elections proudly as an alternative of Hope for Vincentians and offered an opportunity to many who desired genuine and meaningful change from the status quo and we are happy that more than one hundred and fifty persons agreed with our vision, as seen in the vote count. We are also thankful that we were able to run a clean and mature campaign, free of scandals and divisive talk and behaviours. Rather our campaign was

characterized by emphasis on the issues affecting country and people and focus on presenting to the people our plans to improve the situation of our country and for our people. Many have expressed congratulations to us for this and we are happy to know this style has resonated with so many. Indeed, it is needed now more than ever.

Let us also express gratitude to those who assisted us tangibly and even with words of encouragement as we came forward to offer ourselves. You all know who you are and we are grateful to you. To the many families, including the children, who welcomed us hospitably as we entered your homes, villages and communities to speak with you; we are truly grateful.

Rest assured that we remain committed to serving all our people and to building our institution to provide the political alternative of hope that our people needs from the traditional parties. It is evident that the DRP is the way forward for SVG; our substance and style is the proof. We are the voice of reason amidst confusion, the freshness that rises above the old guard of which we are tired and the maturity that will unite SVG from the partisan political divide of the day. Join us therefore and let us work together in service to ALL the people. Keep your eyes and ears opened and on the lookout for our continued interaction with you and once again from the depth of our DRP hearts, we thank you. God bless you.

Anesia O Baptiste
Political Leader
Democratic Republican Party (DRP)