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October 9, 2015
Transform the indigent into gainfully employed

Editor: The Government has said it is increasing benefits for the poor.

It may be politically incorrect to call the indigent incompetent, unemployable, or unfit. But that, for the most part (excepting the disabled and elderly), is exactly what they are.{{more}}

Who for the last 14 years has had the power to improve their condition? 14 years is half a generation. Here are people who were not yet in school, people who were in school, and people who were coming out of school; people who were ready for extra-curricular learning and training opportunities, or just at the onset of their education 14 years ago: where are they now? How many of the now indigent could have been transformed into employed heads of households?

How many could now be self-sufficient, paying taxes, and being consumers contributing to our national economy, rather than sucking from your pockets and mine?

Sure, increase or expand the coverage for the indigent, but wouldn’t it be better for them, and all of us, to put an implementable economic plan in place that eliminates that category?

Or will the poor always be with us, so we can simply dismiss solutions and perpetuate the current administration’s mismanagement by corroborating at the polls God’s choice, an anointed presager of dynastic rule, hallelujah!