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September 5, 2014
Students, take advantage of your opportunity

Fri Sep 05, 2014

Editor: The new school year begins and many persons would be attending secondary and primary schools for the first time, while some will be going to a higher grade. So I take this opportunity to wish all the students the best and hope that they maximise the opportunity they are getting.{{more}}

The many students who were successful at this year’s CXC and CSEC must be complimented. It shows that we have brilliant students in this country as well as good teachers and system. The Barrouallie Technical Institute must also be complimented for their success. This should serve as an encouragement for others who are desirous of gaining an opportunity to develop themselves although they would not have been as successful as they should have been at the academics.

The adult education must also be complimented for its programme in the prison at Belle Isle. This programme called CCSLC (Caribbean Certificate of Secondary level Competence) is a CXC certified programme. The prison authorities must also be complimented for facilitating the programme so that prisoners can have a chance while in prison to be educated. Thus prisoners are given an opportunity to be reformed and make use of their time while behind bars.

To God be the glory that there was a hundred pass mark in English and also passes in mathematics. While, the teachers ought to be complimented for their voluntary work and effort in teaching these men, the ultimate praise must be given to God for helping these men. Also it is of interest to note that many of these men are brilliant. There were also those who got masters, which is equivalent to a distinction.

Continue to pray for this programme, the teachers involved and the men who are the students. It is expected that the programme would continue this school year, September. Indeed education is moving on by strides in this country. Education is indeed a way out of poverty and can reduce the many senseless killings and other crimes.

Kennard King