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August 8, 2014
When we pray we have to focus on the inside

Fri Aug 8, 2014

Editor: Being able to muster inner strength is the key ingredient to being successful, because the road to success is more often than not fraught with challenges. Unfortunately many succumb to these challenges and accept defeat as their lot in life or a test from God. The truth is we do not allow that inner self, which is a living entity, to lead a life that can aid us in our everyday activities.{{more}}

Sadly, we have been taught that we must pray to God for assistance in times of trouble. When we do not get our wish, we console ourselves by saying that God knows best or God thinks that we do not deserve it. The mistake we make is that we look for God on the outside, when we ought to be looking on the inside. We often claim that we are praying to God in Heaven and where do we think that Heaven is? Yes, somewhere in the sky.

When we pray we ought to focus on our inside. We therefore have to come to the understanding that God lives within us and have to internalize our wishes. There is a continuum between that energy within us and the universal energy. Hence, as we internalize that message, our wish is being sent out into the universe to be acted upon.

Many believe that God is an individual sitting and waiting for us to commit a sin to record it so that punishment could be handed at the time of judgement if we do not repent. We often use the term Father in reference to God. However, God is all the energy of the universe. I would be bold and say that God never sent anyone to die for us, because that is not the nature of God. That is why we have been left in this perpetual state of anticipation thinking that Jesus is coming back to rescue us. We would all lie on our dying beds waiting hopelessly for this return and see absolutely nothing.

This universe is about energy and even our thoughts are energy. Everything that has occurred and will occur is already written in energy in this universe. That is why some persons are able to do fortune telling, because they have learned the art of reading this energy.

We have to build the inner self and channel our energy inwards. Our wishes would then go outwards without us even recognizing it. One psychologist described prayer as self-hypnosis. Once we can convince the inner self, then we are on the way to success.