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July 22, 2014
Politics over Principle

Tue Jul 22, 2014

Editor: The recent display by supporters of the opposition NDP in the presence of their leaders at the funeral of the late E G Lynch will go down in history as a most unfortunate event of disrespect for religion, law, human rights and above all, the wishes of a grieving family who had organised this solemn event. It is therefore of paramount importance that we now forcefully speak out in defense of religion in order to safeguard both the independence and sanctity of the Church now and in the future.{{more}}

A funeral is a ceremony for celebrating, respecting, sanctifying, and remembering the life of the person who has died and this I am sure was the intention of the children of the late E G Lynch. That did not seem to matter to the NDP leadership and supporters who transformed the funeral into a political meeting, with their display and comments. Surely, there is a need, time and place for political posturing; it, however, cannot be permitted in the house of the Lord.

It did not matter to the NDP supporters that the Prime Minister was present and speaking at the request of the grieving family, who had arranged THEIR funeral. It did not matter that they were in the House of the Lord at a religious ceremony, ringing bells, shouting, cursing and drinking refreshments. It did not matter to the NDP that, quite possibly, laws may have been broken. It meant nothing that the grieving daughter pleaded with them to end their disgraceful behaviour. All that mattered was the will of the unruly NDP supporters.

Madam Editor, what made matters worse was that the priest did not call for order in his church. Further, the NDP leaders present, in a total absence of leadership, made no attempt to distance themselves from the despicable behaviour of their flock. It is one thing for them to claim that they felt they could not have fully restrained their unruly flock, but surely an attempt by either the priest or the NDP leadership to so do would have been most appropriate in the circumstances and would have sent a clear message, to especially our youth, that that kind of behaviour was totally unacceptable.

We cannot as a Christian nation allow this event to simply pass away and allow politics to triumph over religious principle. The leadership of the NDP, especially the religious leaders who wish to lead this nation into the future, must condemn this action of their flock in the house of the Lord. To do nothing would be tantamount to facilitating and participating in the destruction of the last institution and pillar of modern-day society.

Of course, the other dimension of this tragedy is the clear violation of the human right of a citizen of this nation; the Prime Minister, where he was prevented from delivering his tribute and communing peacefully with the Lord and the grieving family.