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May 30, 2014
Open letter to presidents of all Vincentian sports associations

Fri May 30, 2014

Editor: The National Anti-Doping Organisation – SVG, International Federations and all major games Organizers carry out testing programs in order to remain compliant with WADA, the world regulatory body responsible for monitoring anti-doping code compliance across all NOCs.{{more}}

NADO-SVG is responsible for testing athletes in and out of competition within our nation’s borders; adjudicating anti-doping rules violations; and anti-doping education.

It is therefore NADO’s prime responsibility to advise and assist the NOC and all national sports associations in anti-doping matters of compliance, sample collection and results management.

To this end, NADO-SVG advises that all national associations, when submitting squad details to the NOC, shall copy to NADO-SVG, their full squad names list with date of birth and addresses, prior to travel to competitions abroad so as to maintain national compliance with the WADA code.

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