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February 28, 2014
Diadem Dancers: worth every cent!

Fri Feb 28, 2013

EDITOR: Well, time didn’t allow me to write this article last week, but I made up my mind to ensure that I wrote it this week.{{more}}Valentine’s weekend was a weekend I won’t forget in a LONG time. And before yuh start, it had nothing to do with a hot date, but it had everything to do with Diadem Dancers.

Last Valentine’s weekend, a friend forced me to go to the Peace Memorial Hall for a dance concert. To be honest, I don’t mind those things, but I don’t like wasting my time with low standard entertainment. Plus, at $40 a ticket, I couldn’t imagine them being worth my money. But, I couldn’t be more wrong.

This group is simply dynamic! Their production called ‘Finding True Love’ was near perfect and definitely the BEST thing Peace Mo has ever seen in long time. The story-line, the costumes, the music selection, the drama… if yuh missed it, then yuh missed a moment that can’t return. I laughed, I got angry and I forced myself not to cry. I couldn’t believe this show had me so emotional.

I was told that they were sold out all four nights of this same production. That in itself had to be some kind of record in St Vincent! I hope the right people are taking note of this kind of local talent right here and they know how to promote it!

I felt so proud to be a Vincentian – that it was LOCAL people who came together to produce something of such a high quality.

Diadem Dancers, I salute you. Blessings!