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February 25, 2014
Finding our origin in history

Fri Feb 25, 2013

Editor: As we celebrate Black History month, it is right that we find our origin in history. The atheist believed that we originated from the ape – a monkey. Christians and some other religions believe that we were created from earth by the creator of the universe. According to the recorded history from the writings of Moses, pertaining to the three sons of Noah – Shem, Ham and Japheth, posterity of whom lived on this side of the flood and populated the earth, Ham was the dark-skinned son of Noah whose offspring are known globally as Africans.{{more}} Of the three sons of Noah, Ham is the only one in bible history a country was named after. This is spoken of as the land of Ham in Psalms 105:23, 27; 106:22 etc. It is said that the name “Ham” in Hebrew means black and warm; therefore, as the name Ham was given to this son of Noah, it signifies that colour and the origination of the Black race.

Some of Ham’s sons mentioned in the scripture are: Cush, Mizriam, Put and Canaan (Gen 10:6). The word Ethiopia is the equivalent for the Hebrew name Cush. The Cushites settled in the country Ethiopia. Ham’s wife’s and daughter’s name was Egyptus, and a portion of Ham’s descendants settled in Egypt. North Africa – Mizraim, Put, Libya, Canaan: inhabitants of Palestine, the location of Yeshua’s (Christ) birth. Cushites also settled in Southern Arabia. We learned of the early priesthood of the black man in which Moses received his administrating skills. His name was Jethro, also called Jether and Rual. Ex. 3:1, 4:18, 18:1-12. Africans took a great leading role in bible time. Mose’s wife was a black woman, according to Numbers 12:1. The queen of Sheba, who journeyed to visit King Solomon, was a black woman. The Ethiopian eunuch who took Christianity to Ethiopia was under the political leadership of a black woman by the name of Queen Candace. When the prophet Jeremiah was cast into a prison and was about to perish, it was a black man by the name of Ebed-melech who informed the king and the king instructed him to save the prophet’s life; Jer. 38: 7-8. Jeremiah himself, asked, can the Ethiopian change his skin? 13:23.

As we celebrate Black History month let us all reflect on Yeshua (Jesus), the black revolutionary Jew out of Palestine who is the saviour of humanity.

Christian Democrat