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February 21, 2014
Historical Notes

The Catholic Novena 1901

“The Novena masses at the Catholic Church are being held at 4:30 every morning and early worshippers are afforded the superlative enjoyment of the bracing atmosphere of the morning. The weather really merits the title of Christmas weather” (The Sentry, December 20, 1901){{more}}

(The reference to the weather is to the coldness of the morning. Did someone say that it was in 1913 that the Catholics started celebrating their Novena in the early morning?)

The Methodist Promenade Concert and Fancy Fair

“A country correspondent writes us concerning a Promenade Concert and Fancy Fair held at Mt. Pleasant pasture on the evening of the 9th instant in aid of Mt. Coke Weslyan Church. It was a splendid moonlight night and the large number of persons who attended the Fete enjoyed themselves immensely. Under the superintendence of the popular minister of the district, Mr. Johnson, and with the kind assistance of several members and friends of the Weslyan Church the entertainment came off successfully in every respect. A large space of ground was enclosed and booths erected and covered with flags and branches. On these booths there were words in beautifully illuminated coloured letters – which designated their purpose. Special attention was attracted by the ‘Fishing Pond’ and the ‘Gipsy Encampment’, but naturally the attendances of the Refreshment Stall slackened at no time during the entertainment. The Entertainment lasted several hours and even far into the night the unlivening tunes of the village band kept the neighbourhood wide awake.” (The Sentry, December 17, 1897)