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February 21, 2014
Comrade Joshua’s spirit guiding Dr Gonsalves

Fri Feb 21, 2013

EDITOR: “If you drove a nail in a piece of wood then pulled out the nail it leaves a hole.” – Dr Gonsalves was quoting Joshua when he uttered this truism in a speech in December last year.{{more}} I won’t comment on the political context in which it was used. But I get this feeling that Joshua, our first political hero, is guiding Gonsalves from the Great Beyond.

Joshua did not see all this great development in recording and film technology. But some people are still around that should recall the life and times of our best comrade.

We must keep Joshua’s memory alive. Thank Nolwyn Mc Dowall for the portrait of Joshua. Thank you, dear comrade Joshua, for the memories.

Avil Cupid

Avil [email protected],com