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January 28, 2014

I am still missing my friend Glen Jackson

Tue Jan 28, 2014

EDITOR: It has been approximately 8 years since my best friend passed away. February the 2nd would have been his birthday, and mine will be on the 7th. I’m finding difficulty to forget about him.{{more}}

Someone was accused for his death, but the Court said the accused was not responsible for his murder, and because I believe in our Court System I gave in. We all know who Glen was, and what he did in terms of politics.

We had international help from Scotland Yard to find Glen’s killer. We were told that they worked hard along with local police. After all that hard work we still are waiting for answers. So I have some questions for the authorities.

Is there a time limit for the process of Glen’s murder investigation?

Was the wrong person arrested?

Did justice take its course?

Is denied justice real justice?

Is Glen’s killer still alive?

Every day I ask these questions but I cannot get an answer. Should I give up? Should I give up trying to find who killed Glen and why? I cannot give up because Glen was my best friend and that’s what real friendship is about.

I made myself a promise once I’m living I shall always remember him. So I’m reminding Vincentians that we are patiently waiting to know who killed Glen and why.

I will always be your best friend (Glen Jackson)

Foot Note:

To Vincentians we are still waiting on results and answers for the murder of Shaneika Small.

Kingsley Defreitas