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January 21, 2014

Calliaqua Anglican school achieves milestone

Tue Jan 21, 2013

Editor: The Calliaqua Anglican School is celebrating a significant milestone this month. It was in January 1954, 60 years ago, that the school changed from being the Calliaqua Government School to being the Calliaqua Anglican School. This was in exchange for the Belair Anglican School, which then became the Belair Government School.{{more}}

The Rector of St Paul’s Anglican Church at that time was Fr Francis Gabriel Ogden. He was a priest from England who ensured that youngsters in the area attended school regularly and received a Christian upbringing. Christian education was added to the curriculum. It is not often that the school gets to celebrate a milestone, especially since I have been told that there is no known official information about when the school started. It is documented that well-known educator, Thomas Webster Clarke, attended the Calliaqua School in 1872 as stated by Sir Rupert John. In his recently republished book “Pioneers in Nation-Building in a Caribbean Mini-State,” on page 81, Sir Rupert John profiles Thomas Webster Clarke. He states: “Son of John and Margaret Clarke of Calliaqua, he was born on 12 June 1867.” On page 82 he states:”At age five, Webster was sent to the Calliaqua Government School to begin his formal education.”

This shows that the school was definitely around in 1872. The school’s many outstanding graduates also include accountants, activists, ambassadors, architects, armed services members/officers, authors, builders, business people, calypsonians, caregivers, chefs, civil servants, community volunteers, contractors, doctors, farmers, fishermen, helpers, hoteliers, housewives, lawyers, managers, members of government, ministers, musicians, nurses, parliamentary representatives, police officers, politicians, priests, professors, publishers, senators, Speaker of the House, Deputy Speaker of the House, sports people, teachers, trade unionists, you name it – some fine, outstanding human beings who have been a credit to the school, the nation and the world. They continue to make the world a better place and give back to society. They play active roles in any community in which they find themselves. They are to be found in leadership positions universally.

The current Rector of St Paul’s, Calliaqua, Canon O. Samuel Nichols, and the current principal of the Calliaqua Anglican School, Ms Gillian Dougan, are both graduates of the Calliaqua Anglican School.

Congratulations and thanks to the administrators and all who have contributed to such success. May the young people of today be inspired by the accomplishments of those who attended and are associated with this noble institution and may they move forward steadily and positively. May the good work continue.

Cheryl Phills King