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January 17, 2014

Community of Rose Bank is well served

Fri Jan 17, 2013

Editor: As a resident of Rose Bank, I take this opportunity to say thanks thus far for the many contributions received. This community is well served with foodstuff, meals, plus other things. The Government has done wonderfully, likewise the Red Cross and other individuals, companies and organisations.{{more}}

It is unfortunate that many find the gall to still complain about not receiving supplies because they are supporters of the NDP. An investigation will prove that this is not so. It is also sad that these complaints are coming from persons who are well taken care of in many ways. How sad indeed that we find time to play politics rather than be thankful, appreciative and give praises to whom they are due.

This is no time for division of any kind, but rather a time to work together. As we should all realize that many persons made sacrifices to ensure that persons affected were taken care, it is only fitting that we be thankful and appreciative, rather than complaining and being greedy.

The outpouring of contributions by Vincentians here and abroad is indeed commendable and shows that we can work together, regardless of political differences. Now that many are trying to put their lives together and life is starting to return to normal, let us continue to show love to each other and a heart of caring for one another.

I would hope that when it is time for the distribution of building materials and aid in building homes that there is not a repeat of what took place with TOMAS, but rather that it be done honestly and fairly. However, we know there would always be those who would find criticism and would seek to pull down. But once it is done fairly, then I know those who have been involved in the distribution need not be afraid. We must also appreciate the fact that no one or no system is perfect; thus there would always be areas of weakness and also loopholes.

Let love and goodwill reign amongst us forever.

Kennard King