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December 13, 2013
We all have choices

Fri Dec 13, 2013

Editor: On the 3rd December, 2013, I picked up a Midweek Searchlight newspaper. While going through it I came across an article with the caption “We destroy our youths but blame them for the destruction” written by Mr Matthew Thomas. I have known Mr Thomas for some years now and I know that he is an outspoken man who is not afraid to speak what is on his mind. I read the article with an open mind, absorbing everything.{{more}}

Sir, I agree with a lot of what you had to say, but I just want to add something to that. I know that there are some persons in our society who are not fit to be called parents. They are no role models to any young person; they say and do things that if any young person follows would lead them straight to destruction. “Monkey see monkey do” is very true, but everyone has a mind of his own. We can choose for ourselves. We live in an era where every child is born with a level of intelligence and has everything at its finger tips. Even though many of the adults are not the kinds of role models that we would like them to be for our children, they do have minds of their own. They know right from wrong. Even though there are pressures all around, no one forces them to do anything. Young people have to ask themselves: “What do I want out of life? Is what I see what my life should be, or can I be different and stand out among the rest even though everybody is doing it?”

Remember everyone has choices. Whether we are pressured to do something or we do it of our own accord, we enjoy the benefits, but we also have to suffer the consequences and take responsibility for our actions. Remember there is no excuse for ignorance. As I said in a previous article, there are still some young people out there who are ambitious and have dreams. They need our help so “Don’t blame life; blame the way we live it.”

Clifford E. Gould