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November 22, 2013

Parents – respect teachers of our nation’s children!

Editor: Many people can testify to the fact that long ago, teachers in general were well respected by parents and the community at large. Nowadays, the opposite is often true.{{more}}

While there are wise parents who genuinely respect teachers, other parents do not. They may use indecent language in the presence of their own children when speaking about teachers they do not like or are upset with over some matter. What a bad example they set for their children! Then the children learn to disrespect such teachers, in some cases even telling the teachers that Mummy, Daddy, or whomever says that you can’t discipline me. Such students deliberately misbehave to such teachers.

Sometimes too, when something occurs at school, some parents go to the school and curse teachers without having knowledge of the facts. Oftentimes, children lie, giving only ONE side of the story, covering up their own unmannerly, disrespectful behaviour. The parents believe such lies and act outrageously.

Parents, it is time for some of you to step up in your conduct and behave in a more civilized manner. Put away the animalistic traits, for we are humans. Behave sensibly and stop being childish. Find out the facts first in calm discussions with the teachers and students involved. Set a fine example for your children so that they can imitate it. Teach them by example how to behave as sensible, civilized, responsible members of society, even when wronged. Doing so, you, will never regret it.

I therefore implore you, parents: Set a good example. Respect the teachers of our nation’s children.

Promoter of Respect!