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August 20, 2013

Put grass at side of road, please!

Tue Aug 20, 2013

Editor: Any right-thinking person would certainly appreciate the work done by the cleaners of the roads. I am grateful to all you road cleaners. Your work enhances the appearance of our roads and surrounding areas as well. Thank you. Thanks to the Government also for providing these jobs for people who need such. However, I want to let the road cleaners know that they must clear the road of the grass soon after cutting them.{{more}} Too often, piles of grass remain near the centre of the road, posing a danger to road users, mainly drivers. At times, there is a long stretch with piles of grass on both sides of the road, thus narrowing the space for vehicles to pass, actually turning the road into a one-way street. This happens on the Leeward side of the island. I don’t know about the Windward side.

Recently, while driving around a bend in the road, I almost ran into a big pile of grass. I had to swerve quickly outward. If there was an oncoming vehicle, I would have had no choice but to run into the pile of grass. This can be dangerous to pedestrians too, since a driver, having to pull away from a pile of grass, can run into someone walking by or even run into a road cleaner. So, to you road cleaners, I am begging all of you to please put the piles of grass at the side of the road SOON AFTER you cut them. Doing so, you make the road much safer for drivers, pedestrians, and for yourselves.

A Concerned Road User