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August 16, 2013

LIAT – My pleasant, amazing experience

Fri Aug 16, 2013

Editor: I just had a pleasant and timely experience with LIAT! Yes, I really am quite amazed to be writing with such enthusiasm about LIAT, since most of us have had issues with the airline for too long. I was booked on the 6:10 a.m. flight from Antigua to Dominica and was pleasantly surprised by the ticket agent assigning me a seat number! This had never happened in the last 10 years of travelling with LIAT.{{more}}

The flight was on time and when we approached the plane on the tarmac, I noticed it looked newer, shinier, and cleaner upon entering. I was very pleasantly greeted by a smiling stewardess. She explained where to look to find the seat numbers. I had a smaller roller bag and one carry-on. I was excited to find the aisle was wide enough to accommodate my roller bag moving on its wheels. I perceived brand new seats, covered in soft white and blue, with paper head rest sheets hanging down.

The cabin was brightly lit and smelled good. Another stewardess escorted me to the proper seat and gladly helped me put my heavier roller bag in the overhead bin. The bin was larger, deeper and more accommodating than other LIAT planes.

Once we were seated, a precise and pleasant recording was played, while the stewardesses demonstrated the safety features. I noticed I had more leg room and a wider and more comfortable seat. I began to smile gleefully! I noticed the cleanliness, organization and colours were much improved. Once we were in the air,

I asked the stewardess if these new planes would replace the older models, to which she replied “yes”.

When we landed, on time, the stewardess again helped me take down my roller bag and, as I deplaned, I commented to the other stewardess what a lovely experience I had. LIAT, you have done yourself well! Keep up the positive momentum and we Caribbean travellers can become your best advertisments!