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August 13, 2013

Monitoring 2015 ULP potential candidates

Tue Aug 13, 2013

Editor: Prime Minister Dr the Hon Ralph Gonsalves celebrated his 67th birthday on August 8, 2013. I hope he had a good day and I’m wishing him all the best for the future. Dr Gonsalves will spend the next three years in office as Prime Minister, but in the next three years, our Prime Minister would reach the age of 70, and being 70, he may choose to retire.{{more}}

Knowing the Prime Minister the way I know him, he should be preparing for his retirement. Dr Gonsalves spent 40 years as a political activist, 10 years as Opposition Leader and is into his 12th year of service as our Prime Minister.

Vincentians are getting impatient. I say this for many reasons, but tradition comes to mind. Political parties in power, based on tradition, only spend three terms in office. It’s time for the ULP to go! I’ve noticed that the Prime Minister has been preparing the ULP to go beyond 2013. The strength of the ULP is the Prime Minister; he is a strong leader and he stands out; did he deliver? If your answer is yes, who should replace him?

Minister Caesar made it perfectly clear to me that he’s looking to become the leader of the ULP.

Camillo Gonsalves served this country as the Ambassador to the United Nations; he is trained, knowledgeable and very qualified. He has very good experience from being this country’s Ambassador; with that experience, he will make a good Minister of Finance.

It is being said that Camillo Gonsalves would be a good choice to represent East St George for the next elections.

The East St George constituency needs a strong representative. The people are asking for a change; maybe it’s because of the lack of quality leadership from Mr Burgin, and it’s crystal clear that Camillo has the ability to serve. Would I support his candidacy? Yes!

I consider Dr Linton Lewis to be my good friend, but Doc, if what we are hearing is true, you have your work cut out for you. Dr Lewis is showing signs of improvement, so if you’re not sure Prime Minister, put your son (Camillo) to run in South Windward, because Minister Stephenson is a failure. Senator Charles is being replaced in terms of candidacy for Central Kingstown. Leroy James told me he would be interested, but who is better, he or C.P., the former calypso singer? Kirk Da Silva says he’s ready, but it depends on Mrs Miguel.

I’m hoping the people of North Leeward give Dr Thompson a second chance. Mr Marshall did show interest, but he’s being sidelined. What about Mr Cool? The Prime Minister would support Dr Thompson! I say this because of the dynasty handed down in the ULP. Minister Daniel would be beaten by Loren Baptiste. Until Mr Eustace decides on his political career, Mr Luke Browne would have to wait and his wait might be a long wait, depending on who replaces Mr Eustace.

If I had my own way, I would send Dr Gonsalves packing; but that’s not my choice, it’s the choice of the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

I am paying close attention to all candidates of both ULP and NDP.

Kingsley De Freitas