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August 13, 2013

Let’s make this nation a place where everyone can feel safe

Tue Aug 13, 2013

Editor: What is happening in lovely SVG? This is indeed a very important question, considering the many robberies and break ins that have taken place in the last month or so.{{more}}

It is customary that we blame governments and others for these crimes. We often associate this type of crime with the lack of employment and slow economy. However, none of the aforementioned factors, if we carefully examine it, can we honestly attribute as the major factor.

The large sums of money taken and the frequency tells us that these persons are bent on getting rich quick. Thus, being employed is not giving enough money quick enough. Therefore, these guys are bent on plying their illegal trade without mercy and compassion.

It is also a reflection of the heart of man that is deceitful and desperately wicked. It may also be interesting to know if some of these guys are not deportees or associated with deportees and foreign criminals who come easily onto our shores illegally. These crimes are well planned and carried out with the assistance of a group of individuals.

I, therefore, recommend that it is not time to point blame, but to work together as one people to help in the stamping out these crimes. If we know of information, we should not withhold it from the police for fear of our lives. We never know if the next victim would be us or someone closely connected to us. We should also, as citizens, be alert and business places should ensure that good protection is done on their property.

We must, as a nation, get down on our knees, repent of our sins and turn to God. Of course, the authorities, including the government, has to do its work by more vigilant presence of police in many areas and having secret agents who can gather information. On the other hand, citizens have to feel safe in giving confidential information to the police, for failure to do so can lead to danger for those persons by the perpetrators and a refusal by persons to come forward with information.

Let us make this nation a safe place. Let SVG be a place where visitors and residents can feel comfortable and enjoy this blessed land of ours.

Kennard King