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August 9, 2013
Historical Notes

Letter from Bottom Town Resident complaining about neglect in that area

(St Vincent Witness, February 2, 1871)

“…particularly in the direction of Lime Kiln, the cross street running by the Weslyan Chapel and those leading to the Hospital and Roman Catholic Church…Come now, Mr. Town Warden, bestir yourself for us poor bottom Town folks and show that you are as mindful of us as you are for the up-street folks. Besides we have a claim on you, do you not reside in our quarter?{{more}}

…Then these dear little water pipes – stand pipes I mean, wetting everyone that approaches them, with taps of bad construction and phizzing all over you when attempted to be locked… Then that ‘illigant’ reservoir at Montrose, that cost so much as would build a first class dwelling lying unroofed, with the water running constantly over it, and damaging the walls- So delightfully exposed for a morning’s swim…

Oh St.Vincent when will you do things as you aught to, and not by halves…”

Truly Yours,

Bottom Town, January 17.


The corner stone of the Weslyan Chapel is to be laid on Saturday 17th instant. “The demand for the new building has become very urgent, not only on account of the dilapidated state in which the present place of worship is, but also from its capacity to hold the immense concourse of persons who assemble in and around it on Sundays. This community is proverbial for its liberality and we sincerely hope the Weslyans will experience on behalf of their undertaking a full share of the same, to which they are entitled on account of the important services they have rendered to the lower orders of society in a moral and religious way” (St.Vincent Chronicle and Public Gazette August 6, 1839)

Centenary of Methodism

25th ultimo was appointed by the last Weslyan Conference for celebrating the centenary services held at the Chapel, Kingstown. At 5 a.m. a public prayer meeting was held and nearly 600 persons were present. The sermon in the evening was preached by the Reverend Henry Hurd who gave a view of the rise and progress of Methodism; “It is supposed that about 10,000 adults regularly attend the Weslyan Ministry in this Island of whom more than 6 ,000 are members of the Society…” (St.Vincent Chronicle and Public Gazette, November 5, 1839)