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July 26, 2013

Calypso, ragga and soca competition results create debate among populace

Fri July 26, 2013

Editor: The unexpected results of this year’s calypso, ragga and soca competitions have created a lot of talk and debate among the populace.{{more}}

These results have caused the general public to speculate whether the CDC deliberately chooses judges who will deliver the results they want; so one has to ask the following questions:

Why is it that at least two of the judges who adjudicated the calypso preliminaries were not on the panel for this finals (the three judges who adjudicated the preliminaries were very experienced and senior judges)?

Why was a judge, who was on the commentary team of a radio station at the calypso semis, allowed to judge the final, when that judge made remarks favouring Skarpyon during the semis?

To be a practicing judge, one has to attend symposia and be accredited so why were individuals who are not accredited and were only visiting SVG Carnival allowed to judge?

Why were the tried and tested judging criteria for the ragga soca changed at the last minute?

It was also a bit strange that the most senior soca/ragga judge, with over 20 years experience and who judges throughout the region, including the much acclaimed international Soca Monarch in Trinidad was not on the panel.

Nuff food for thought.

Concerned calypso, ragga soca lover