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July 12, 2013

Principals, take a hint from student

Fri Jul 12, 2013

Editor: At a recent primary school’s graduation ceremony, a female student did something noteworthy that we all can appreciate.{{more}}

That graduate showed appreciation for ALL of her teachers who played a very important role in her academic development, assisting her to reach where she is now – she is getting ready to enter one of the top secondary schools. She presented a gift to ALL of her teachers – Grade K up to Grade 6. So, no single teacher alone, such as the Grade 6 teacher, was praised for her achievement. I commend this girl very much for what she did. I also commend other students who may have done likewise in the past at their respective schools.

Let’s all take a hint from this experience. Principals, when you deliver your address at graduations, do you praise not just some, but ALL teachers for their efforts? Or do you mention some by name, and purposely omit the names of other teachers who are performing vital duties?

Do you show favouritism? Principals, do you allow deputy principals, senior teachers, teachers who are your relatives, or other teachers to influence what you do or say at graduations and otherwise?

Do you really treat ALL teachers fairly? I applaud again what the student did in showing gratitude to ALL of her teachers. Principals, please, take a hint!

A fairminded Villager!