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July 5, 2013

Historical Notes

Historical Notes this week focuses on 1963 Carnival because of the big hype about the 50th Anniversary of Band of the Year. I was somewhat sceptical about this 50th Anniversary announcement and had a gut feeling that it might have been 1962 rather than 1963. Unfortunately, I could not find the 1962 results, but an item written in The Vincentian of March 2, 1963 reinforced my scepticism. This is what the piece in the Vincentian said:, “The Junior Chamber (Jaycees) decided this year to place the choice of the Band of the Year in the hands of the spectators instead of those of the judges.” When the piece stated “decided this year,” one is tempted to think that before this it was in the hands of the judges.{{more}} The Jaycees started running Carnival in 1962 and might have brought that innovation then. However, the fact that the CDC made that declaration must indicate that they have incontrovertible evidence that it is so.


Historical: “Portrait of Ancient Egypt” (engineered by Roy Austin – Bridge Boys); 2. “Commonwealth Extracts” (organised by Fred Prescod): “These were easily the most elaborate creations that ever graced the Carnival Stage in St.Vincent.”

Individuals: 1. “The World’s Greatest book” – Vibert DeShong: 2. “Carib Chief Chatoyer”- Louis Boucher.

Other Results: Calypso King Caribbean Pete

Road March: Lord Hungry, “…Cotton gone down, sugar gone down, change the government.” (The Calypso competition was held at the Peace Memorial Hall).

Carnival Queen: 1. Diana Barnard 2. Brenda McMillan 3. Joan Samuel

Steelband: Police Steel Band (winner); 2. Castrol (There were 5 competing bands)

Ping Pong- Frederick Morgan of Barrouallie (winner)

Children’s Carnival: Prince of Carnival – Lennox Gonsalves

Children’s Costumes Depicted: “Queen’s Guard”- Ashley Kirby; “Tower Guard”- Keitha Hadaway; “Police Woman” – Gwendolyn James: “Tooting Carmen” – Angus McMillan; “A Pakistani”- Helen Hamlett: “A Reading Lamp” – Joanne Duncan; “Alaskan”- Chester Peters; “Window”- Nikola Allen; “A Valentine Card”- Melony Kirby

Old Mask was changed from Monday morning to Monday afternoon – among the presentations were; one that depicted how a road gang wasted time and government money on a simple road job: another brought a reproduction of Mr. Joshua’s political meetings at the Market Square. (The Vincentian, March 2, 1963))