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June 18, 2013

Justice system is too fenced in

Tue June 18, 2013

Editor: Our justice system is operating from laws and principles which are found in God’s word – the Holy Bible. The Bible contains God’s thoughts and ideas, his plans for the human race. These he wants us to know, respect and abide by, God is a jealous and a jealous God. He doesn’t want his worship to be shared with any other, and he is jealous for good works.{{more}}

This system which is supposed to be free from interference from outside sources, and whose watchword should be “JUSTICE” is not at times so at all. Instead there is blatant disregard for peoples’ rights and this is observed by the dull and ignorant who are entitled to their say. They too, do not fail to notice this.

Too many of our citizens are singing more or less the same tune. They are appalled at the sort of justice which seems very elusive. It appears as though only a favoured few are entitled to it, and the others should not even try to obtain this, and yet it is a system that is designed to benefit the masses.

Corruption is rampant. This leads many to throw their hands up in despair, but they will never look to the root of the problem. In many cases, the main culprits are set free while the “followers” bear the brunt of the law. No wonder the correctional facilities are teeming with juveniles who could have been elsewhere making something of their lives.

The hard-earned takings of people like me has to be used to keep them confined. There needs to be a major shuffle in many of our governmental institutions, where reliable heads are placed to take the nation’s concerns as seriously as they should be. Persons who will not be lenient to outside interference while taking care of people’s business. Persons whose fear will be directed to the right source instead of to a few who are using their station to victimize and intimidate others to get them to turn a blind eye to the wrong things, so that their evil schemes can go unnoticed by men. Persons who are so threatened and are so in fear of losing their livelihood that they bend over and stoop at just about anything to preserve “their breadfruit tree”.

Persons who couldn’t care less about their creator and creation and who would use any means to push persons who to them are a threat, in order to safeguard what, to them, they are entitled to.

There needs to be a massive exposure of such ones. As single persons, these ones can win, but as a nation, it is an impossible feat. The JUSTICE SYSTEM IS TOO FENCED IN. No scope for workers to use their initiative.