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May 28, 2013

Come together and fulfil your God-given roles

Tue May 28, 2013

Editor: Of late there have been many murders and it is without doubt, if one has to check the numbers at the prisons, that there are over 400 males locked away from productive life, either serving a sentence or on remand.{{more}}

It is customary that blame be placed, and in most cases it is, on both the government and the church, that are blamed as having failed. The church, we know, comprises people from various backgrounds and nationalities. If one has to carefully examine and analyse the situation, it would be seen that the families are what ought to make up the church. So, to say that the church has failed, is to say that the families have failed.

The families today are not like they were many years ago. If we are honest enough, we would agree that many families have failed. The emphasis by the families is no longer on moral uprightness and love for one another; rather the focus is on making money and making it fast. In many cases, because of the opportunities in education, many children are pushed towards achieving the highest standard of education and becoming the best in their field. While this emphasis is good, on the other hand, the morals of uprightness, love for one another and God is sacrificed.

There are far too many single parent homes in this land. This, of course, can turn young boys into men before their time. While at the same time, many young girls become mothers far too early. There is hardly a male figure to guide and train the children effectively. As a result, many children are left on their own to survive. This creates a void in the lives of the children, which many times produce criminal activities and pregnancies. For as they search for love and acceptance, which is so much missing in the homes, they would find them on the streets and in the gangs.

I, therefore, urge us to take back the homes, by returning to morals, decency and Christ in the home. We must, as men, accept our responsibilities with joy and fulfil them to the best. Likewise, the women in our nation must seek to do their best in terms of placing the right emphasis on the needs of the children and also be careful of the men they seek to have relationships with. Having said that, there are some women who have relationships for the wrong reasons and pay little attention to their children when the fathers fail to live up to their responsibilities.

Therefore, as a nation, both men and women must come together and fulfil their God-given roles and responsibilities and let us ensure that moral uprightness and Christ be returned to the homes, and by extension the nation. Only then can the church be effective when the families are stable and live for God.

Kennard King