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March 19, 2013
Our garbage problem is becoming a menace

Tue Mar 19, 2013

Editor: I stand to be corrected, but I feel strongly that the day is fast approaching when all we will have to contend with here is GARBAGE. It is everywhere; GARBAGE is everywhere, in homes, in the drains on the side-walk, on streets, in rivers, at bus shelters, near to schools, on beaches, on patches of land.{{more}}

There is only garbage and more of it. Living things comprise two groups: Plants and Animals.

It appears as though there is no room for humans, so they are tucked somewhere under animals. So, let’s say they are the higher form. The plants are harmless in this regard. The animals in the true sense do not contribute much to the problem. We are left with the higher version of the animals – humans.

I keep asking myself if it costs much to be clean and tidy. As right thinking people, don’t we know of the health benefits?

The doctors’ fees will some day be unreachable. We might have a choice – fee or medicine, but since the latter seems to take second place, there might be no choice.

Some people are afraid to use a garbage bin. The thing to do is to toss garbage anywhere, thus contributing to it in a lot of unlikely places.

It is truly disturbing to witness a well dressed individual tossing garbage in places other than a garbage bin.

Children copy grown-ups all the time. Is it so hard to set the correct pattern for them?

Garbage can be deadly. They encourage rodents, flies, pests and the like. They are health hazards.

Some adults see nothing wrong with tossing garbage from moving vehicles onto others’ property and the street.

These habits are far from nice and should be discontinued PROMPTLY.

A concerted effort should be made to address the growing problem RIGHT NOW.

PEOPLE, garbage trucks are out WEEKLY. When you pay your bills, you are contributing to the service. USE IT.

Stop marring the beauty of creation with your bad habits. It is a sin to be untidy. Garbage distracts. It takes away much needed revenue.

Tidy people will choose not to visit a dirty shore.

An Observer