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March 1, 2013
Is there a ‘Mr/Ms Sticky Fingers’ at the port?

Fri Mar 01, 2013

Editor: I am an annoyed citizen who wishes to voice my frustrations. I recently moved back to St Vincent, and my relatives in the US decided to send a barrel of foodstuff to my family and I to try to help us out, since our financial situation is tight.{{more}}

However, on receiving the barrel this week, I noticed that something was quite off. To start, can someone tell me what happened to my 65lbs of missing sugar or the seven missing bottles of dishwashing liquid? Can someone explain to me why packages of soap and paper towels were opened and some of their contents removed? Yes, I know about it all because I was emailed a comprehensive list of all of the barrel’s contents. The items named in this post are but a mere small part of my list of missing items. I would rather not waste my energy to detail all of the items missing from my barrel, but I say all of that to simply say that it is extremely unfair that persons have to spend over $100 to clear a barrel, only to end up with a half empty barrel.

I don’t know about you Mr/Ms Sticky Fingers, but my money does not grow on trees. Did you ever stop to think that no one would send a barrel of foodstuff to someone who could actually afford it? Tell me what the persons who dishonestly removed the contents of my barrel would do if I decided to sue the Campden Park Container Port for stolen items and emotional distress, since my family is now forced to suffer without the same items that were intended to help us out.

To the persons in charge, something needs to be done and employees need to be properly monitored, because I can say with all certainty that neither I nor any other person receiving a barrel at the Campden Park port appreciates having their belongings removed by anyone who was not intended to receive the barrel’s contents. In short, stop stealing!

Annoyed Vincentian