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January 15, 2013
The sensibilities of spending

Tue, Jan 15, 2013

The most substantial people are the most frugal; and make the least show and live at the least expense – Francis Moore

Editor: With the new year upon us and already fishing to catch its end, we need to be fully aware of how our hard earned dollars are spent. Else, they may be bait for big fish in the sea, lurking about only to feed and not get caught. Although the privilege has not been mine to have ever had a job, let alone one that pays, it is of my greatest interest that those who work put their money to good use and savings.{{more}}

Many a person would have engaged in the annual, rigorous Christmas cleaning and even the nooks and crannies no longer have a few pennies to spare for the hard times. Not because the house is now in ample order, but because all the money has been spent for various needs, wants and trivialities – a necessary evil for the season. Even the corners are in need of some change; therefore what has been left for the new year?

Poor old January is always tattered and bruised for being the hardest month of the year. February and March are the ‘cut-and-contrive’ months, working hard to make ends meet. Having earned a few dollars from the fellows before, April gets to spend a little for the Easter occasion. May and June are forced to pick up the pace and save as much as they could, because the summer is soon approaching and July and August do not want to be left out of vacationing and the many festivities lying ahead. They run their pockets until September brings school into the picture. Sadly, September is blamed for coming too quickly and if it has thoughts of surviving, it must hustle, sweep up the pieces of fun and work harder than ever. October and November are treated with the same brutality, having to share one holiday between them both. Yet, December comes around booming with its ‘gold-digger’ attitude, fancy words and attractive offers, gluttonously relishing everything the months ever worked for. There has to be something wrong with this calendar!

Some serious intervention must take place! Without a doubt, many persons have the responsibility of managing a home, taking care of children, other family members, financial obligations and themselves. With so much on their hands, struggling to create financial stability may be a problem, depending on their job and the demands they are required to meet.

For this reason, the idea of simple budgeting should be embarked upon. A tenth of the monthly income is rightfully God’s; place that aside. Then, with whatever is left, start an evaluation. Prioritize. Assign a sum to the most important commitments. If math isn’t your favourite subject, ask someone to help out; it may influence them to adopt a similar initiative. Total the spending. Are there a few dollars that can be saved by reducing any unnecessary items on the list? A bit of discipline may be needed, but it’s money-wise.

If this procedure proves difficult initially, remind yourself that the savings each month will appreciate throughout the year. Continue this trend and you’ll be surprised. Sooner or later, you wouldn’t need to be asking your neighbour for a small change or a few eggs to help out with the hard times and baking cake. Resultantly, the calendar will be sporting a smile on its face as each month pulls an equal weight. Instead, you can truly ‘Share a little something this year’!

Elizabeth Bullock