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January 8, 2013

West St George looks forward to 2013 with great expectation

Tue, Jan 08, 2013

Editor: The constituency of West St George can look back at the just concluded Christmas/Old Year’s season with much excitment, even as they look forward to the year 2013 with great expectation.{{more}}

The excitement of the season was created through the enhanced and expanded annual events coordinated in the constituency for 2012. The lighting community projects at Arnos Vale and Dorsetshire Hill in 2011 also extended to include the Fountain and Dauphine Communities for the first time. The party for the children of Pole Yard saw an increase in the numbers and also included a new host and partner in the recently established Dot com restaurant and bar, which provided Santa and the gifts for the 50 children. The party for the children of Upper Cane Hall/Arnos Vale also saw some innovation, with the recently formed High Five Club providing support as hosts of the event which saw over 150 children attending, accompanied by parents/guardians and proved to be truly a community event.

The elderly, sick, shut-in and less fortunate residents in the Constituency were not left out, with over 250 receiving 15-item hampers from the Parliamentary Representative, Honourable Cecil Mc Kie.

Commenting on the series of events coordinated for the 2012 season, the area representative Mc Kie, who is also the Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture, expressed delight in the success of all the activities and the increased involvement and initiatives of the groups and persons in the various communities.

He pointed to the success of the Arnos Vale light up as the Best Lit Garden in the National Competition for yet another year and the second place of the Dorsetshire Hill light up in their zone of the National Community Light up Competition. He also highlighted the success of the Road Cleaning and Road Patching Programmes.

Looking forward to 2013, the area representative pointed to plans for development in the infrastructure, agriculture, sporting facilities, cultural initiatives, tourism opportunities, creating and enhancing groups and organizations, renewal of community mindedness and building capacity and the human resource.

All of this will continue to position the constituency for the reality of the new city at Arnos Vale (E.T. Joshua Airport site), which will afford many possibilities to residents of the surrounding communities.

“Much has been achieved in 2012 but we are upping the tempo in 2013 and beyond”, he concluded.”