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December 14, 2012


Fri, Dec 14, 2012

It doesn’t really love you, doesn’t hate you either,
so in the end I think that it must be neither.
It must not care for you, you’re like its broken toy,
like the army soldier you heartlessly deploy,{{more}}
to fight a losing battle, to win a failing war,
while you sit and dwaddle watching the loss.

Life doesn’t hate you, but to it you’re not loved,
like the white raven or the black dove,
so love yourself every day cause life isn’t gonna,
any which way.

Khalia Bowen
December 6th 2012

My School

My school, Girls’ High School there’s an apostrophe because it belongs to us,
we care for it, we make the rules, it’s all about us girls, at the Girls’ High School.
The hallways are clean, it’s whitewashed it’s lean, we’re kept fit everyday as we do our P.E.
we pay all the bills, by the parents’ metal wills to teach their girls, the same way they used to learn.

My school isn’t flashy, my school isn’t big, but at my school we’re all fitting in.
We work hard to get here,
We work hard to fit, we’re not all scholars,but our hearts are in it.

Khalia Bowen
December, 2012