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December 7, 2012
Sports in Vincy… the longest running clown show on earth? (Part 2)

Fri, Dec 7, 2012

Editor: Small-minded individuals should never negate any opportunity afforded to them to further their intellectual capacity and well-being. With that being said, let’s deal with these small-minded people.{{more}}

How can you be an official, working for the Department of Sports, when appointed to be in charge of a game, be so prejudiced that you would be caught coaching/giving advice to a particular team, when your role is to ensure that everything runs smoothly, when your role is supposed to be one that lacks any sort of discrimination towards a particular school/firm/club! I’ll tell you how. This happens when:

1: Small minded people are placed in charge.

2: When these same small-minded people assume that they have power over everyone around them.

3: When these same small-minded people think that they are invisible.

Everyone seems to be of the opinion that this small-minded individual is rather rude, obnoxious and feels that he is an unjust individual, BUT no one seems to care enough to speak up about it. They rather just let him retire as a grumpy, old man who had the insatiable desire to be a bully while carrying out his duties. It’s only here in Vincy that this sort of longstanding public official who displays a total disregard for his post gets to remain in his post for so many years.

Sport was never created to divide people: it has always been used to unite people, but for some strange reason, in Vincy, once you don’t fit into their idea of an ideal sports person, then your thoughts, aspirations and dreams for betterment of sport are thrown under a rug and you are mocked/frowned upon by them.

Fortunately for me, I don’t meet their required standard; I don’t walk like them, I don’t dress like them and I most certainly don’t think like them. Therefore, my views will never come to light, merely because some of them see me as a potential virus, ready to destroy what they have created. So then, I ask myself what exactly have they created? Intellectually deprived and biased officials? Poorly organized tournaments? Empty promises to the youths? Seems as if all they have done is the opposite of what I had in mind. Yet still, some of them from within would love to silence my thoughts. I wish them the best of luck.

K. Young