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November 23, 2012

I thought I was alone

Fri, Nov 23, 2012

Editor: “The State shall recognize and protect marriage which shall be a legal union only between two persons each of the opposite sex.” – [SVG Constitution 2009.Ch 2, Para17/2]

“Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of a woman, burn in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.” [Romans 1:27. See also I Corinthians 6:9]{{more}}

As I read the newspapers of last weekend my jaw dropped, Vincentians who thought that marriage – even though we sometimes do not live up to its solemn commitment – was important enough to have it enshrined – established – as a union between one man/one woman in our revised constitution, were now fully in support of a man who was promoting same sex marriage. Was it a sham? How many latent sexual deviants are among us? How many with “unorthodox” sexual proclivities? I am reminded of Ralph Gonsalves’ “perfect finger”, so I wonder, “has he changed his views on the subject?

On Monday, November 12, I tune my radio to the Shake-up program and there was a caller stating authoritatively that re-elected Barack Obama was God’s servant. God’s servant in support of what Romans 1:27 calls “shameful”? But was the caller alone? As stated earlier, in last weekend’s papers none of them mentioned a word of objection and what do they say about “silence” and “consent”? Just praise for Obama, but I wonder if it were a white president – worse a Republican – would it not have drawn negative comments? I remember the energy expended here during the constitution revision referendum campaign and I wonder if Vincentians would put on blinders if the political party which they support were to come out in favour of marriage as a union between any two persons?

The Shake-up caller was not alone; the host of the program, my cousin, Elson Crick, did not object. I did. I called the program to voice my objection and wondered if I was alone. My friend, Roy Toney, called to give support, referencing Sodom [Gen. 19: 4 -11]. And later a lady whom I do not know called my home – twice – after finding my number in the phone book. “You are not alone,” she assured. That call is the inspiration for this article. I have heard people of both political parties laying claims to God – anything they do, they claim is sanctioned by God. They are here doing his work. A few weeks ago, a lady who objected to this, called the New times program; she was roundly roughed up and dismissed by a politician – people who are supposed to listen.

But back to the printed media and our intellectuals and opinion makers. “Barack Obama’s plate is full ….He is called upon once more to provide American leadership to the world based on moral authority,” wrote Ken John, The Vincentian, 09.11.12. Moral, Mr John, do you consider leading the world in endorsing homosexuality moral? I am not surprised, though, since Mr John insists on repeating lies, misinformation and distortion about Ralph Gonsalves which have been repudiated several times. When you repeat those refuted lies, is that moral? Mr John might claim ignorance. There is Blazer Williams in The News, 09.11.12, ‘The old conservative positions on sex, marriage, contraception and abortion are at war with changing values and mores of society.” So what was Mr Williams’ position on the insertion of Chapter 2, para17/2 of our revised constitution? The late Daniel Moynihan, Democrat Senator of New York, described such sentiments as “Defining Deviancy Downwards”.

Then there is the opprobrious Adrian Fraser: “Why did Frank da Silva seek to drag me into his feeble attempt to show why he is not a supporter of Obama…further who cares whether he supports Obama?” What arrogance? Well, Sir, I am not free to comment on your utterances? So what was my “feeble attempt?” “If I ever had any support for Obama, it would have gone out the window when he verbalized his support for something known as ‘gay rights’ and marriage as not between a man and a woman…” Our proposed constitution and the Bible “feeble”?

The Vatican, which supported Obama, praising his election in 2008 – The Pope himself broke protocol sending a message directly to Mr Obama then – in a front-page editorial, L’Osservatore Romna [10.11.12] asked: …”why not contemplate freely chosen polygamy, and naturally so as to not discriminate, polyandry?”

And another religious organization, this time in France called it, “the ultimate political deceit”.

But even if there were not those, I am prepared to stand alone. “If you follow the crowd, you will go no further than the crowd, but if you walk alone and find your own way, you will likely find yourself in places no one else has ever been before,” Albert Einstein.

(On a closing note, Fraser wrote, “…even talking nonsense about his socialist friend (Dr Fraser)…get real! This is the 21st century.” Does that mean socialism is no longer here? Then tell the NNDP. But here is what I wrote, “Obama’s first move was to join with his socialist (Dr Fraser) friends across the pond to finally kill it (offshore sector).” “His friends across the pond (meaning Europe) the OECD – not you. Finally, Fraser asked, “What is this nonsense about my undecidedness in Vincentian politics?” I quote the following from Ken John’s “This Week”, (The Political Facelessness of Dr Fraser), The Vincentian, 26/9/97: “As Bung Cato had to declare on an appropriate occasion, when one looked to Adrian for assistance, his head was out the window looking down the road. Or, as Ralph Gonsalves once put it, by the time Adrian has weighed the pros and cons of all the political parties on Election Day, the polls would have closed without his ballot”.)

This is really fun, Good Day.

Frank E. da Silva