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November 16, 2012
Taking all things in one

Fri, Nov 16, 2012

Editor: SCAMMED: I was utterly shocked when I downloaded the PDF version of the paper on Friday, November 9 and saw your front page article entitled: “SCAMMED.” Failing to follow my instincts, I read the article and was left further flabbergasted. Why? I cannot believe in 2012 top police officials were hoodwinked in a scheme that the majority of the world knows exists. I cannot believe in the age of advanced technology no one thought it prudent to investigate and verify the existence of a conference.{{more}} I cannot believe our officials could be so excited about a potential “free trip” that smart and correct protocols were not followed in ascertaining the existence of the conference. I cannot believe, in 2012, Western Union would be the “preferred” choice of sending funds for such an “international conference.” Madame Editor, I can go on and on about what I cannot believe as it relates to this particular incident, but neither space nor time would permit me. Therefore, I will end by saying I refuse to believe in 2012, the Commissioner of Police and others were scammed by a known scheme and taxpayers are now left to feel the backlash as a result of poor judgment.

The Assistant Editor and SEARCHLIGHT:

Over a year ago, I stumbled upon the website of a young editor. As a Vincentian living in the diaspora, I was very excited that an additional avenue existed where I could have read news about St Vincent and the Grenadines. However, within a few weeks, I quickly learned not to visit this particular website based on the contents some which could not be verified and others were just defamatory. Madame Editor, don’t get me wrong. As a young person, I welcome the opportunity given to fellow young people to cultivate their skills in any chosen area. Moreover, although I support the expressions of freedom of speech and thought, I do so with one caveat. I believe this right ought to be exercised only where it does not limit, affect or tarnish the reputation of another.

Therefore, I can no longer remain silent about my beloved SEARCHLIGHT NEWSPAPER. Over the years, SEARCHLIGHT has been known for informative, neutral and entertaining news reporting. However, based on some articles in the past weeks, I must express my dissatisfaction with the direction of SEARCHLIGHT, more particularly with the articles penned by the young assistant editor. For example, I wish to highlight the full page stories, which covered the woes of Anesia Baptiste. The article on whether or not her mother was a member of her newly-formed party was totally uncalled for. In addition, a full page story which posed the question of protocols, as it relates to the Independence Day parade and a Red Cross volunteer, was very upsetting. In adding insult to injury, the newspaper carried the pictures of the gentleman, who I am sure had to endure the ridicule associated with the question of protocol, as raised by the article. In this regard, Madame Editor, I ask that SEARCHLIGHT and its whole team be more cognizant of the material that it prints. After all, I hope my beloved SEARCHLIGHT will never be portrayed as being biased and inconsiderate, as some other printed media.

Tribute to Wade:

Madame Editor, I will end by paying tribute to my dear friend, Wade Williams. Kojo, as he was affectionately known, was a pillar of Vincentian pride. Although he spent most of his adult life in Canada, St Vincent and the Grenadines was always his home. I will miss our debates on Facebook and via email, as it relates to matters of national interest. Kojo, I pray God’s eternal peace on your life. May you rest in Christ’s peace. Sleep on, my dear friend. Sleep on!

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