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November 16, 2012
Not this time, Mr Commissioner!

Fri, Nov 16, 2012

Editor: Ever since Keith Miller was appointed as Commissioner of Police in St Vincent and the Grenadines, he has come under heavy fire. His appointment itself was strongly criticized, as were subsequent appointments of graduates to leadership positions in the force. The Commissioner’s handling of some issues was questioned on more than one occasion, with the political Opposition seemingly not impressed.{{more}}

Through all this, many persons, myself included, were prepared to give the Commissioner the benefit of the doubt, even though I have had cause to question his judgement, as in the case of the re-hiring of convicted police officers. Rather than giving him a chance, it is as though they were wishing him to fail, as if having academic qualifications is a sin.

Now, however, that faith in Commissioner Miller being able to “get it right” in exercising sound judgement has flown out of the window. There can be no excuse for our top law enforcement officer falling victim to an Internet scam. The particular “invitation” to this supposed Conference on Human Trafficking etc has been doing the Internet rounds for some time. It is frightening when the person in whose hands and judgement the nation’s security rests gets caught with his pants down.

Big countries like the USA have different intelligence arms, the FBI and CIA. People in leading positions there seem to have also been caught with their pants down as well. Resignations have followed, inevitably. Here, Mr Miller is Head of both intelligence arms. We are part of Interpol, we have a Foreign Ministry and capable diplomatic representation at the United Nations. Do you mean to tell me that with all these possible recourses, the Commissioner, and presumably advisors, were so duped as to having paid out thousands of scarce dollars? Were the nasal senses not working so that no one smelled the rat? Or did persons, who ought to have advised otherwise, deliberately leave Miller to be entrapped?

Asking the Commissioner simply to repay the money is not good enough. The Prime Minister, in contrast to portrayals of him as a veritable “devil”, has been remarkably lenient with transgressions by his Ministers and ranking public servants. Far too lenient! This transgression cannot be brushed under the carpet. It has implications for our security.

Renwick Rose