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October 12, 2012
NDP needs a leader

Fri, Oct 12, 2012

Editor: In the face of evidence, Mr Eustace continues to talk foolishness. Where is the evidence to back up Mr Eustace’s claims that the Canadian government imposed visa restriction on SVG because of the relationship this country has with Iran?{{more}}

The Canadian authorities sent a diplomatic note to this country’s government outlining two reasons why the visa was imposed: the sustained flow of asylum claimants to Canada and a high rate of immigration violations. Nothing was said by the Canadians to support what Mr Eustace is saying. All Mr Eustace is trying to do is to frighten the Vincentian people and take the spotlight off of him for his foolish action.

Mr Eustace, the leader of the Parliamentary Opposition and leader of the New Democratic Party, who is said to be the prime minister in waiting, admitted that he wrote letters for people seeking asylum in Canada. Even more pathetic is the type of letter he wrote.

How could Mr Eustace write letters on the economy for people to take to Canada as one reason for seeking asylum, when economic status is not a reason to seek refugee status coming from SVG? Is not that a deliberate attempt by Mr Eustace to destroy this country? Is Mr Eustace saying that he did not know that the economy in SVG is no grounds to seek refugee status in Canada? If he knows, then it is reasonable to suggest that Mr Eustace sets out deliberately to destroy this country. If he does not know then he is not suited to become prime minister of SVG.

Mr Eustace needs to apologize to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines for helping to create this visa problem and then he needs to resign as leader of the Parliamentary Opposition. Mr Eustace is not doing any good for the NDP and this country at this time.

This is not the first time Mr Eustace has shown very poor leadership. Remember when he admitted that he lied when he called for a march against poverty leading up to the 2010 elections? His main reason he said was to stop the Taiwanese President (who was visiting this country at the time) from giving any money for the construction of the international airport at Argyle. This is a man who says he loves this country. How selfish could one get?

Eustace is only concerned with power, not the development of this country. Anesia Baptiste told us how she was chided by Mr Eustace for helping to repair a poor person’s house in the countryside. Mr Eustace, she said, told her that, it is not good to do so, because other people will want you to build houses for them.

He is only concerned about power, not the development of SVG. The NDP needs to bite the bullet and get rid of Mr Eustace if they are to stand any chance of winning the next elections.

He is making too many blunders. And worst of all, he seems not to know anything, but to speak after others only to realize later that the information is false.

Even St Claire Leacock believes that the party needs a pair of “fresh legs” going forward. Three times Mr Eustace went to the polls as leader and three times he lost. Why still hold on? Why not give someone else a chance? Mr Eustace, listen to the people, do the right thing; step aside, give the party time to regroup and come again.

O.C Robinson