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September 25, 2012
E.T. Joshua airport needs some urgent attention

Tue, Sept 25, 2012

Editor: The E.T. Joshua is the only airport we have on mainland St Vincent. We know that as Vincentians, we are eagerly looking forward to the completion of the Argyle international airport. However, until such time, there are concerns regarding the current E.T. Joshua Airport that need urgent attention.{{more}}

The airport, we know, only receives passengers from one major carrier and that is LIAT. As a result, the income received may not be much and thus the upkeep of the airport facility leaves much to be desired. It is hot, with no air conditioning at the front desk. Besides that, there has been a recent development where the scanner at the check-in counter for LIAT has malfunctioned. This has posed a problem, since after a person has checked in at the counter, that person then has to take his/her bag to another room to be checked. This sometimes can be a bit uncomfortable, since those persons doing the checking of the bags dig deep into the bags looking for what? Only God knows.

We know that they have to do their work. However, this slows the process. Added to that is the lateness of the workers doing the baggage search. It is indeed a laughable situation there, since we are treated to unprofessionalism in the sense of the lateness of the workers, who do not apologize for their late coming.

I am appealing to the authorities, along with LIAT, to have this problem with the scan machine that checks in the baggage at the counter resolved. I trust that by the time this article is published and read, something would have already done. After all, we have visitors coming to this country and they should not be greeted with such conditions as no air conditioning in the check-in area, no machine to deal with the bags and also no board stating the flights and the numbers and time of arrival and departure.

One is left to wonder if the airport is left neglected due to the building of the Argyle international airport.

Nevertheless, until such time, we need to pay some attention to the E.T. Joshua airport. After all, visitors come in from different parts of the world and would like to see something looking more attractive and see a more professional approach by LIAT workers.

Kennard King