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September 14, 2012
Public Service needs dress code

Fri, Sept 14, 2012

Editor: Please allow me to voice my disgust at a trend which is rapidly invading the Public Service (and I single out this sector because I am a part of it). Of late, I have noticed that there seems to be no proper dress code where the public service is concerned. More and more, public servants seem to be drifting away from the stipulated dress code laid out for all public servants to follow.{{more}} This movement away from the dress code is especially prevalent among new entrants into the Service; and even more so, among the males.

I singled out the males because, to be honest, the fashion war which exists among them is even more conspicuous than the one existing among the females, and to me, this is frightening. I have seen instances where male public servants turned up to work with their pants tighter than their female counterparts. In fact, their pants are so tight that I often wonder if they can walk or breathe properly; and one of the hurtful things about this, is that nobody seems to be addressing this issue.

As a matter of fact, those in authority seem to adopt a ‘stand-offish’ attitude when it comes to talking to young public servants about their dress code. Their attitude seems to be that nothing can be done about ‘this generation’. Well if that defeatist mentality continues to exist, I agree with you – nothing can be done. However, because I do not subscribe to that school of thought, I think that it is high time that young public servants (especially the males), be reminded that there is a dress code which must be adhered to. In the meantime, I will continue to mourn and weep for my beloved Public Service, until this issue is addressed by the appropriate authorities.

Leroy James