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September 7, 2012
Murder is a cycle

Fri, Sept 7, 2012

Editor: Murder is a cycle, It keeps rotating and so becomes hard to stop. If we are to carefully examine the murders that have taken place around us, we would conclude that it is indeed a cycle.{{more}}

Most of the murders are not related to economic times, or to frustration due to the lack of unemployment. Some might be disputes and some frustration of various kinds. However, in most cases, it has to do with either the drug trade and/or revenge. Therefore, it is a cycle.

When the buyer of the drugs sometimes fail to pay what he ought to pay to the supplier or someone steals another person’s drugs or informs on the trader or supplier, that person then becomes a target for murder. When a murder is committed, the victim’s friends, siblings or relatives may take the law into their own hands by killing the person who committed the act. Then it rotates

again in the sense that the siblings, friends or relatives again seek revenge and thus kill the individual who committed the act of his family. This continues on a cycle.

Members of gangs seek to defend and revenge for their members. When this happens, it results many times in death: the cycle continues. The victim’s family or friends or even members of the gang to which he may belong then seek revenge and thus continues the cycle of murder.

We need to learn to forgive and also to let the law take effect. But then again, sometimes these killers are set free by the law, thus causing the victim’s family and friends to feel as though they did not receive justice. They therefore seek to take their own justice by killing the suspected killer and then the cycle continues.

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, murder is a cycle, which is not easily stopped, regardless of the punishment. It is therefore the responsibility of the home not to condone the wrong of the members of that home by claiming they are innocent even when you know they are guilty. This harbours the cycle of murders.

I strongly recommend that prayers and an increase of counselling, along with the word of God, be part of our agenda. After all, we know that politicians would come and go, but our problems would remain. Let us not look to politicians for solutions, but instead to the LORD JESUS CHRIST for changing the hearts of men.

Kennard King