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August 3, 2012
A call for young persons

Fri, Aug 3. 2012

Editor: The majority of adults today may see us as trees in the wilderness. Some of us are evergreen while others are everbrown. The diary of a modern teenager is full of perplexity and rarely composure, but despite it all, some of us are able to pull ourselves together, although the task of being one is rather arduous.{{more}}

Consistently, we are faced with peer pressure and are flattened by our parents who join the many onlookers with forceful expectations, like being obligated to become who we really do not want to become. The majority of us are encased in a box holding a phobia of facing what we term “freedom”, because of the consequences to come for our actions.

There are many of us who face a lot of difficulties in our homes, such as alcoholism, lack of trust and respect made evident by our parents whilst “holding our head up” (although they may be oblivious to it). These teens who have the opportunity to go out and face the world, breaking rules and losing their self respect, usually do not, so why do we, the persons who live with mothers and fathers of high status and discipline in the home, let down our parents through vanity?

Let us analyse the situation. There are many ways of staying out of trouble, although we do not always go to them. First, we need to put God in control and disperse ourselves in the numerous churches in St Vincent. We need to make use of the youth groups present in these churches. This is an effective and useful way for us to learn and develop proper comprehension of the Bible. There has also been the implementation of the Scriptual Search Bible Quiz project to help us youths understand the Bible well and I would personally like to comment Mr Joel Jack in launching this magnanimous project.

There are also alternative youth groups, like the Hairouna Progressive Organisation, which has effective objectives governing their group.

We just need to apply ourselves to the best of our abilities. There are many opportunities out there for us to get our hands on. If you have made mistakes, then my friend, worry no more, because a mistake is not a mistake unless we correct what we term as one. Let us agglutinate to make our country a better society. We are the future. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.