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July 20, 2012
Maintaining the Momentum

Fri, Jul 20. 2012

Editor: “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”- Thomas Edison

Having achieved a prospective goal places one in the esteemed position of promoting oneself along a positive path. Everything else is expected to fall in place following this.{{more}}

Consequently, there are strategies that must be used to maintain the momentum of achieving this goal and maximize the true potential that is in store for anyone who has reached thus far.

On embarking on a new journey, the feeling of enthusiasm, joy and excitement pushes one to start strongly. Sadly, as time progresses, that attitude fades and is replaced by a nonchalant one. The mindset, ‘I have reached’ takes precedence and one is left being satisfied with whatever mediocre efforts one has put in to get a job done. The heightened expectations of those around become drastically lowered because of your inability to be coercive and face new challenges head-on.

Think about this scenario. When a young, strongly built and eager cricketer from any of our West Indian islands has the dream of playing for the West Indies cricket team someday, he will go to the extreme of ensuring that he has secured a place on that team, come what may. Slowly but surely, he earns his place. During his first few matches, he works extra hard, blasting other teams with ducks, maidens, spin-bowled wickets, carrying his team to victory with century not-outs and making supporters proud. Over time, however, fame, laziness and self-gratification get the better of his attention. Days of practice turn into hours of practice and the attitude is reflected in performance in matches. The once star player leads his entire team and supporters into disappointment. Attempts of ‘getting him back in the game’ prove futile, as he still lives in the days of his short-lived success and being on the team is all that matters to him.

The notion of making oneself vulnerable to obstacles that prevent you reaching your true potential should be avoided. When one has achieved one’s dream, you are charged with the duty of taking this the extra mile. This is often a gateway to finding your true purpose in life and allowing anything to slow down or stop you can cause serious setbacks in your original plans. Everyone has a niche in society. The onus is therefore placed on every person to understand it carefully and act constructively for the proper functioning of their lives and world at large.

The challenges faced are what should make you a stronger, well-adapted and well-rounded individual to be fully qualified for your role. Such setbacks are what should be regarded as opportunities that help one identify one’s strengths and keep channeling that momentum upwards. Fostering and firmly planting the roots of firm belief in God also allow one to walk the straight and narrow path when faced with these tests of faith.

Be intuitive. If a person is immersed in a goal, they should have a keen sense of perception. Having in mind the various shortcomings which may influence their goal, is priority on their agenda. Such an individual is already prepared to face the worst of events. However, due to strong moral grounding, the hypothetical picture that they paint to face such places them in the astute position of controlling the situation and directing matters. Any upset would be like a drop in the bucket for such an innovative mind.

One must not let the challenges of life get one down. You must be the driver of your own vehicle steering yourself towards a promising future.

Elizabeth Bullock