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July 6, 2012
Let us continue to pray for this nation

Fri, Jul 6. 2012

Editor: We are nearing the end of the carnival season. This weekend, no doubt, will be very active with carnival activities.

While the majority of Vincentians will consider carnival as the Vincentian culture and thus be involved in the enjoyment of carnival, there is cause for concern by many Christians and others who are still upholding sanity, morality and decency.{{more}}

The country, we know, benefits financially from such an event. Nevertheless, such an event brings with it many negative effects which can cause many pain and negative social impact. As we examine carnival, we would recognize that there is much promotion of RUM, WHINE AND SEX. No wonder we see ladies dressed in the most revealing way and men in a similar way of dressing.

Carnival is in itself demonic. So, when we involve our children in such an act, we are, in effect allowing the powers of darkness into our homes. For carnival, we are saying it is okay to get involved in alcoholic drinking and getting drunk. We are also saying it is the time to whine on someone, even if that person is not our partner. So, in effect, we are promoting sex and looseness. It is a time when many girls get pregnant, thus making the fragile economy weaker, since there would be more mouths to feed. It also means that there would be more neglected children, abuse and violence.

No wonder many homes are broken up due to unfaithfulness as a result of this event. It is even sad to see many elderly folks whining and behaving bad under the influence of alcohol and all in the name of culture. No wonder our children grow without moral decency, since many have been sexually active as teenagers and younger.

While we can blame many things for the lack of moral decency and ill discipline, we have to face the fact that carnival plays a major role in instilling this loose behaviour and dressing. I, therefore, call upon this nation and, in particular, the parents to examine their leadership given to our children. Let us as Christians continue to pray for this nation and, in particular, the spiritual direction. “For righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any man.” Proverbs 14:34.

Kennard King