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June 29, 2012
Congrats to the Indian Heritage Foundation

Fri, Jun 29. 2012

Editor: Congratulations, though belated, to the Indian Heritage Foundation for hosting the weekend activities, including the conference. It is activities, like these that make us Indians conscious of and proud of our heritage.{{more}}

Many Indians do not pay much attention to their heritage and for many, there is not an appreciation for their race.

There is no doubt that many Indians have lost pride in who they are and seem to ignore their ancestors and roots. The weekend’s activities indeed did awaken some consciousness of Indian heritage. We know that many prominent sons and daughters of the soil who made stalwart contributions have been Indians, not just here, but in various parts of the world.

We have witnessed in this country a declining of the Indian population due to migration and intermarriage, thus the need to preserve the Indian heritage and population. I am aware that it takes money and time to have activities, but we should not wait until next year June to heighten the awareness of who they are and to motivate the Indians to recognize their heritage. I am certain that the vast majority of Indians are not interested in these activities and do not care about heritage. So, efforts must be made to awaken the interest of and appreciation amongst the Indian population.

I therefore strongly recommend that since there is a registered foundation, regular meetings be held in various Indian communities and nationally and that there be regular activities of various forms. Also that the media be used to promote the Indian Heritage Foundation. They can also get into businesses and different forms of activities.

I trust that, as I wish the new executive of the foundation all the best, these suggestions are taken on board.

Kennard King